Adding Automatically Updating Chapter Name to Header in Office Word

Friday, February 26, 2010

Adding Automatically Updating Chapter Name to Header in Office Word

WordIn Microsoft Office Word, there is a nice feature for having the current chapter name in each header/footer, add it in header and entry in each header will show the corresponding chapter name. Got it? Suppose you have a document with lot of sections like 'Prologue' (pages 1 & 2), 'Chapter 1' (pages 3 - 10), 'Chapter 2' (pages 10 - 24) etc... Isn't it nice to have the header show 'Prologue' for the pages 1 & 2 having the prologue and pages 3 - 10 will show 'Chapter 1' in the header and so on... without manually editing the header at each chapter starting...

Let's get to know how to...

1. Better not to have any 'Section Breaks'. Otherwise we will have to edit header for each section separately.
2. The Chapter title text (like Prologue and Chapter 1) in the content must have same style applied to it. Let's say all chapter titles are having style 'Heading 1'.
3. (This method is for Office Word 2007, for 2003 and others go to 'Edit->Header and Footer') Double click on 'Header'. Put the cursor where you want the Chapter title to appear.
4. (This method is for Office Word 2007, for 2003 and others go to 'Insert->Field') In 'Header & Footer Tools', go to 'Quick Parts -> Field'.
5. Select 'StyleRef' from 'Field Names'.
6. On right side, from the 'Style name list', select the style you have used for the chapter title (in our case it is 'Heading 1' as we did in step 2).
7. Check more options if needed.
8. Click 'OK'.


Check pages with different chapters and see whether the header is updated automatically...

We did for Header, the same applies for Footer also...

Was this helpful? Comments please...

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Anonymous said...

A problem is that the chapter name also gets added to front page, table of contents page, etc.
Need to add instructions to prevent that.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

perfect~!!! exactly what i wanted...nowhere else to be found T.T" thanks so much

Przemek said...

YeSSSSSSSSS,Very very helpful

Anonymous said...

Great tip, I've always wondered about this.

I still have an issue though; I want to display 'Heading 1' and 'Heading 2'. Some chapters don't have a heading 2. Is there some way to make part of it conditional in the field code?

Anonymous said...

This is still helpful! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Gracias. Vielen dank

Jeff Kauflin said...

Super helpful, thanks so much! A better guide than what Microsoft provides.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, great work!

Anonymous said...

This is much better than microsoft stupid own support page at:

which, by the way, is completely useless.

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